Reflections: The Jar of Life

Consider an Empty Jar to be filled with Golf balls, Pebbles, sand and Tea, which one goes in first?

Recognize but for a moment that The Jar represents your life.

The golf balls are the most important things – Family, Friends, Health and Your Passions. The pebbles are the second in line your Job, your Home, Education The Sand is everything else, really the small stuff…

Now if you put the sand first in the Jar, then you won’t have room for the golf balls and the pebbles. The same is true for your life, Of you spend all of your time and energy on the small stuff you won’t have time for the important things that matter.

Pay close attention to the things that are important and critical to your Happiness, take care of the golf balls – e.g. Show kindness to family, make time for them always.

Set your priorities right starting with the important things – golf balls. Then follow up with the pebbles and then everything else is just sand.

However, no matter how full your life is, there always is time for a cup of tea with the one who makes your heart beat – that one person.

Adopted from an old tale

Yours Truly,


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